40% uplift on unit sales year-on-year

Targeting 'Unconfident DIYers' and empowering the audience with the power of Bosch


Bosch High Pressure Washers


40% uplift on unit sales year-on-year 
2:1 return of investment

We had to achieve an ambitious revenue target by engaging with a new audience to generate sales of Bosch High Pressure Washers.

The challenge was considerable. High Pressure Washer sales in particular are dominated by one brand who accounted for over 75% of the market.

We needed a niche and a competitive advantage.

To realise what this advantage could be we needed to really understand who buys a Bosch HPW. It started with the data. We took a supply of recent HPW buyers and analysed their demographics and media habits. From this, we created a bespoke attitudinal analysis to understand customer’s attitudes towards DIY, towards Bosch and Pressure Washers.

The data brought out a distinct group of enthusiastic but hesitant DIYers. We could leverage Bosch’s brand status in power tools to give consumers confidence and we had an ease of use message to promote the product with.

The final piece of data planning we applied was location.

We had strong retail partners so to maximise the effectiveness of our media we ensured that our messages were only seen by our newly defined prospect audience if they lived within 15 minutes’ drive of B&Q or Homebase Stores.

We took our bespoke audience and wrote a TV ad that would build on a scenario familiar to them – a typical Saturday morning in Spring where our couple are confronted by a patio that has seen a long, hard winter.

“The Power of Bosch. Just Add You”

The campaign included development of a number highly targeted assets:
– TVC shown across targeted media channels, including Sky AdSmart, Sky Go and 4OD to reach our key audience
– POS materials displayed in key retailer stores to enable campaign presence
– Assets produced for Digital, Social, Radio and Internal Comms

The results were staggering

Bosch’s annual sales target was reached in July – a full month before the peak season ends, and sales in terms of units were up 40% on the previous year, delivering a return of investment of 2:1.


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