Transforming sponsorship into a meaningful relationship

Making Team Sky and Jaguar's brand partnership local


Ride Like a Pro


Reached over 10 million people 
97% of participants were new to Jaguar

By building on Jaguar’s sponsorship of Team Sky we created local partnerships for their retailers that brought the new younger target customers through the doors across the UK. We also grabbed a DMA nomination in the process.

Jaguar Ride Like a Pro switches on a younger demographic

Leveraging Jaguar’s sponsorship of Team Sky, we developed local partnerships attracting a new younger audience. The campaign received a DMA nomination in the process.

Transforming sponsorship into a meaningful relationship

When Jaguar became a Team Sky partner, the XF Sportbrake became the team’s official race support car. This presented a great opportunity.

The ever-growing numbers of MAMILs (Middle Aged Men In Lycra) perfectly matched Jaguar’s desired new younger customer. However, they did not see Jaguar as relevant to them, but Team Sky was.

A true peloton experience

We established partnerships between retail centres and local cycling clubs and stores, to promote a series of rideouts. A Jaguar Team Sky liveried support car accompanied each and every one to create a true peloton experience.

A prize that every cyclist dreams of

To further attract participation, all entrants were informed that 38 people would be randomly invited to take part in a Grand Final at Fen End Circuit. Combining driving and cycling challenges, two finalists would then win a once in a lifetime prize – to train with Team Sky at their summer camp.

Getting closer to the Jaguar brand

Each rideout started and finished at a retail centre where cycling experts were on hand to provide advice. Most importantly, the entire Jaguar range could be explored, which participants did. That proximity began shifting and changing preconceptions of the brand and cars.
Digital, social and offline activity promoted each event and the grand prize. It created a lot of chatter amongst participants and cyclists generally. Pre and post event participants talked about it through their social media profiles, including Strava. This further extended the reach of Jaguar brand into a core market.

97% participants were new to Jaguar

Ride Like a Pro attracted exactly the kind of people Jaguar wanted. 97% of participants were new to Jaguar. Conversations were created around the brand in places where it wouldn’t normally be spoken about. The PR and Social reach was over 16 million. Put simply it had a transformational impact.
Ride Like a Pro has cemented Jaguar in the hearts and minds of our key target audience.

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