“It Doesn’t Have to be Black. And it doesn’t have to be Friday”

Leveraging a highly seasonal Black Friday opportunity to increase enquiries and test drive requests


Jeep Black Friday


Best performing direct mail campaign for Jeep throughout 2015

With a clear & specific objective of addressing challenging enquiry levels for the Jeep Renegade, we sought to utilise the noise surrounding the Black Friday opportunity to target new and existing prospects with a strong finance offer.

In developing our response, we were acutely aware of the high noise levels in marketing activity during this period and a concern that any message we promoted would be lost amongst the “clutter” filling prospects inboxes during this popular retail period. We also wanted to consider a way of extending the lifetime of our tactical message so that it would be relevant after Black Friday itself and allow us to still effectively use the messaging after everyone else had moved on!

At the same time, the tone of voice around the Jeep Renegade provided an opportunity to be different, to go against the crowd and to use the personality of the brand to challenge the whole ethos of Black Friday. We therefore successfully pitched our campaign under the headline of “It Doesn’t Have to be Black. And it doesn’t have to be Friday.”

We wanted to create differentiation by going against the crowd and trumping Black Friday. The concept was very “Renegade” and showed off the brand’s personality. It had attitude without being arrogant and showed that as far as Jeep Renegade was concerned, the fun didn’t have to stop on Friday and it definitely didn’t have to be just black. Not with the range of colours and length of the finance offer available via Jeep.  Equally importantly, it gave us permission to promote the Q4 offers beyond Black Friday.

Multi-Channel campaign
Under this campaign headline, we developed a suite of Marketing Communications that promoted the core quarterly finance offers, the upweighted Black Friday tactical finance offer and also the range of colours available for the prospect to stand out from the crowd. Promoting the message across multiple channels, we targeted prospects via national offline press & online display advertising, dealer Facebook & premium display, warm and cold prospect targeted eDM and DM activity.

Delivering results

In terms of direct sales rates, the campaign proved to be the best performing direct mail campaign for Jeep throughout 2015.

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