9% decrease in numbers of people smoking in their home

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51% message recall and 67% ‘verified’ awareness
9% decrease in numbers of people smoking in their home

The number of people who lived with children who smoked inside their homes was reduced by 9% thanks to our campaign for Smokefree South West.

Targeting a hard to reach audience, routine and manual smokers in deprived communities with children was tricky enough. Getting them to not smoke inside their home made it even more of a challenge, but it was one we rose to for Smokefree South West.

Data and insight fuelled creative

We used ONS and MOSAIC to map high penetration hot spots of our audience. Using focus group research, we then identified the most impactful messages to convince them to change their behaviour and smoke outside.

That insight enabled us to develop an integrated regional campaign, which included TV, radio as well as face-to-face experiential event activity. The creative treatment focused on bringing home the dangers of lingering toxins that stuck to furniture and toys.

Trackable behaviour change

Independent tracking research showed 51% recall of the key ‘lingering toxins’ message and 67% ‘verified’ awareness. The 2013 YouGov survey shows a 9% decrease in numbers of people smoking in their home. This equates to an estimated 400,000 adults who now smoke outside.

Smokefree South West was commissioned by 11 Public Health teams based in local authorities

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